Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vineyard walking tour...

Looking a bit barren in the vineyard at this time of year. All the vines are pruned and the vineyard floor is a combination of dead weeds and mulched canes. The next job and possibly the last major one before budburst around mid September, is to drop all the canopy wires to the ground. This makes it easier to train the new growing shoots of the vines by lifting one wire up at a time and also so that those new tips of the vines dont get cut off in a high wind which would then affect the growth and development of the whole vine. This wire job is areal workout as each post has 6 wires clipped to it and I will have to walk up every second row, dealing to both rows at a time. So doing the quick maths - 120 rows of approx 150m each - about 18 kms !

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